Roots of Success: Avenue Scholars Curriculum

Our curriculum is built around ensuring careers for the students we serve. Experiences and activities are aimed at helping students develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for success in high school, post-secondary and the working world. Each student develops a Career Plan while engaging in the following curriculum components:


Students discover their unique strengths and talents by taking Gallup’s StrengthsQuest inventory. They continually learn to develop and leverage their strengths in academic, personal and professional settings.

Career Visioning and Coaching

After discovering career interests, Avenue Scholars students engage with professional business and community partners in authentic work settings. Based on individual preference, students complete at least two of these real-world career experiences while in high school, leading to a sharper vision of their professional futures. Talent Advisors provide continuous career coaching while connecting students with internships and other networking opportunities leading to careers.

Transferable Skills

Students engage in ongoing practice with transferable skills – skills that can be applied across all educational and career contexts. Through part-time employment and school-based experiences, students work on improving their positive attitude, professionalism, communication skills, responsibility and self-awareness.

Academic Skills

Students build academic skills, develop effective study habits and learn to access resources for support. In particular, students strengthen reading, writing and math skills necessary for college and workplace success.

Post-Secondary Skills

Students learn to navigate the Metropolitan Community College system while completing financial aid and scholarship forms. Talent Advisors guide students through the college application, registration and orientation process, bridging students from high school to college.

Goals Setting and Problem Solving

Individualized activities focus on goal setting and making future-oriented decisions. Talent Advisors also provide problem-solving and social-emotional support to students for challenges they face both inside and outside school and workplace settings.

Independent Living

Students develop a comprehensive plan that prepares them to be self-supporting. Related lessons include healthcare access and advocacy, housing and transportation options and financial planning.

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