At Avenue Scholars Foundation, we prepare students for high skill/high demand careers.

High School

Junior Year

  • Take the Avenue Scholars class.
  • Explore career options and your own strengths.
  • Become a stronger student and employee.
  • Find part-time work and build work-ready skills.
  • Work with your Avenue Scholars Coaches.
  • Learn about financial and personal well-being.

Senior Year

  • Take the Avenue Scholars dual enrollment class.
  • Take career classes at Metropolitan Community College or in your high school.
  • Apply for the AKSARBEN Career Scholarship.
  • Apply for financial aid (FAFSA).
  • Graduate from high school.


After high school, prepare for your career:

  • Metropolitan Community College Option:
    • Enroll in one of the approved career programs at MCC
    • Receive the AKSARBEN Career Scholarship
    • Work with ASF Career Coaches and MCC Navigators to ensure success
    • Live on the UNO campus, at home, or on your own
  • Straight-to-Work Option:
    • Enroll in an MCC non-credit training program
    • Participate in other local training opportunities


  • Get help finding and keeping a job in your industry.
  • Make a good salary.
  • Live on your own.
  • Continue to work with your Career Coach.
  • Make a plan for advancing in your career.


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