Support Services:

Avenue Scholars provides additional support services to students at the high school, college and career level. Students are served by a full time Counselor who provides assistance through short term counseling, crisis intervention, problem solving, navigation of the child welfare system and juvenile courts, connection to community resources, and small group experiences.

Our counseling staff is available to meet with students in their high school or college setting, in office, or conducts home visits when requested. Avenue Scholars Foundation works in collaboration with all school guidance offices and personnel. The counseling staff at Avenue Scholars is trained and licensed in mental health counseling and works with individual students and their families as needed.

If you are interested in learning more about these services or have questions, please contact our Director of Student Support Kelly Bernadt at (402) 991-5471.

Groups Facilitated by Avenue Scholars Foundation (ASF):

Flourish is a group that was developed to meet educational and support needs of Avenue Scholars female students in regards to social issues and concerns, addressing topics such as women’s health and wellness, unhealthy and/or violent relationships, substance abuse, body image and self-esteem deficits. The goal of Flourish is to empower our female students to make positive and healthy choices that will aid them in meeting their social, academic and career goals.

Men of Standard is the new fellowship group of Avenue Scholars Foundation dedicated to the male students and staff members. The group meets for food and fellowship, attends community events and enjoys each other’s company around a “dinner table” type atmosphere, discussing issues related to healthy relationships, personal health and wellness, drug and alcohol awareness and distraction control. 

EMPOWER was designed to educate students about healthy coping skills, problem solving, and to connect students to peer support, and is available to all Avenue Scholars students. This group is available for students who are referred to the counseling staff by an ASF staff member, who identifies them as needing additional support in collaboration with the Avenue Scholars curriculum and program experiences.

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