Women in Construction: Blair Freeman

Blair Freeman Group President Ashley Kuhn and Vice President Maranda Adams shared their insights with Avenue Scholars on what it’s like to be a woman in construction.

Careers in Healthcare: Fulton Homes Education Center

Fulton Homes Educationn Center Program Director and Co-Founder Nesha Jones, BSN, RN, shared her insights on what it takes to work in healthcare.

Careers in Auto: Baxter/Lexus of Omaha

Baxter/Lexus of Omaha Service Manager Brad Richey shares his own experience in the auto industry, as well as Baxter/Lexus of Omaha’s involvement with Avenue Scholars students.

Interview Tips from the Avenue Scholars Team

Kathy McGauvran and Allie Thompson from our Business Outreach Team share valuable interview tips to leave a lasting impression and help you land a job offer.

Student Profiles