Avenue Scholars relies on partnerships with area businesses to provide career awareness and exploration opportunities for Avenue Scholars students, as well as internships, full-time employment and part-time employment. 

We currently partner with businesses in the greater Omaha area offering high-demand positions requiring an associate degree or less, representing any of our five industry clusters:

Health Services

Information Technology


Automotive Technology/ Transportation


Career Awareness and Exploration

Career awareness and exploration days at Avenue Scholars provide students from high school through college with valuable opportunities to explore a variety of career fields and industries in a hands-on way. 

Is your business located in the greater Omaha area, representing one of our industry clusters while offering high-demand positions requiring an associate degree or less? If so, please reach out to Avenue Scholars’ Business Relations Manager, Audrey Gustin, at [email protected].

Past Career Awareness and Exploration Events

Woodhouse GMC Buick

Avenue Scholars students had the opportunity to learn about the body shop at Woodhouse GMC Buick. At this event, students toured the body shop, were introduced to various tools and techniques that are used on light and heavy repair, and got to hear from the Woodhouse team on what it takes to be successful in this particular industry.

Steamfitter’s and Plumbers Local Union #464

The Steamfitters and Plumbers Local Union #464 introduced Avenue Scholars students to the world of welding, rigging, medical gas installations, HVAC, and refrigeration. Students got to practice their welding skills using a welding simulator, and learn about why a career in the trades is an amazing opportunity to have a high-skill, high-demand, and high-paying job with great benefits.

Sheppard’s Business Interiors

Through this experience, students got a chance to learn about how SBI creates interior office, educational, and healthcare environments, and how they make a difference in the everyday work lives of individuals throughout the Omaha community. Not to mention, students got a chance to compete for a prize by seeing who could put together a school desk the fastest.

Woodhouse Ford

Avenue Scholars students had the opportunity to learn about what it takes to be a successful auto mechanic from the Woodhouse Ford team. Students learned about the education and training that’s involved in order to pursue a career in this field, as well as what Woodhouse looks for specifically when it comes to interviewing and hiring.


No More Empty Pots

Avenue Scholars students had the opportunity to visit No More Empty Pots for a culinary experience with Chefs Jo Anne and Meya. They worked alongside each chef in No More Empty Pots’ commercial kitchen to prepare “breakfast” for lunch! The featured lesson was “Egg Cookery”. Students were able to learn professional tips on cooking with eggs in a restaurant environment.


Fulton Homes

Avenue Scholars students attended a career awareness event at Fulton Homes. This event demonstrated the various levels of education and training within the healthcare field, as well as roles and responsibilities of healthcare personnel. In addition, students were able to experience hands-on activities such as CPR and mock needle injections.


AIM Institute

At this Career Awareness event, Avenue Scholars students had the chance to hear about the five elements of tech as defined by the AIM Institute. Students ended the day engaging in a hands-on activity learning about cybersecurity and coding.


Elman Print

Did you know every color you see can be made up using only four colors? Offset printing is using CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) to create any picture you have seen on paper. At Elman Print Avenue Scholars students got to spend time on the production floor, seeing multi-million dollar machines manipulating paper at rates of thousands per hour, and learn about how booklets and magazines are bound.



Avenue Scholars students got to explore the variety of roles in the world of auto collision repair, while learning from the techs about the education and preferred skill set to succeed in the auto collision industry. At this event, students were able to move through various stations.

Werner Enterprises

At this Career Awareness event, students were able to learn about various roles within the technology division at Werner Enterprises, and how technology plays a large role in the transportation and logistics field. By operating the trucking simulator, students got to experience firsthand how technology is at the heart of keeping truck drivers feeling safe and successful.


Because QLI is a nationally known post-hospital rehabilitation center that works exclusively with individuals who have experienced a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury, students at this Career Awareness event had the opportunity to interact with healthcare professionals that help to make a difference in the lives of the individuals they serve.

Internships and Employment

Internship and part-time employment opportunities in high school and college provide valuable experience and start Avenue Scholars students out on the path to success.

Does your Omaha-area business fit the following criteria?

  • Represents one of our five industry clusters.
  • Offers internships or full/part-time employment opportunities for young workers age 16-22.
  • Employment opportunities require an associate degree or less.

If so, please reach out to Avenue Scholars’ Business Relations Manager, Audrey Gustin, at [email protected] to discuss opportunities to collaborate in addressing your workforce needs, all while providing career-building work opportunities for Avenue Scholars students.

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