The Leader in Bridging the Gap Between Education and Business for Scholars

Avenue Scholars guarantees careers for our youth of hope and need through supportive relationships, individualized coaching, education, and training.

Our Impact, by the Numbers

Scholars Enrolled (2023)
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High School Graduation Rate (since 2014)
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Area Businesses Employing Scholars (August 2023)
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Certificates/Associate Degrees Earned (since 2018)
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Alumni (since 2018)
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What is Avenue Scholars?

Avenue Scholars is a pioneering organization dedicated to ensuring that area students, particularly those of hope and need, seamlessly connect their education with the business world to embark on successful careers. Through a blend of supportive relationships, tailored coaching, education, and practical training, we help students realize their full potential. 

Avenue Scholars provides services on a continuum to empower students from their high school years into the workforce by attaining an associate degree or less. Our distinctive method involves individualized coaching, comprehensive education, and career development opportunities. The program integrates academic learning with career preparation, and we collaborate with educational institutions and businesses, transforming the dreams of Scholars into tangible professional successes.

The Scholars We Serve

Our Scholars are selected for their perseverance and ambition and are provided with the essential skills to overcome life’s obstacles to excel in their chosen careers. Avenue Scholars is a testament to what can be achieved when education is aligned with real-world opportunities and continuous support.

Explore our website to learn more about our education and business partners, our impact, and how you can support the extraordinary journey of our Scholars. 

The path to transformation and achievement begins here, at Avenue Scholars, where every step taken is a step closer to unlocking the extraordinary potential within each Scholar.