Phase 3: Career Entry

Career Entry

Phase 3 is focused on Scholars selecting and entering high-demand, financially sustaining careers requiring an associate degree or less. Avenue Scholars has six areas of focus including:

  • Healthcare (The Charles E. Lakin Foundation’s Healthcare Career Pathway)
  • Auto/Diesel/Transportation
  • Education
  • Information Technology
  • Trades/Manufacturing/Engineering
  • Business/Office Processes

Postsecondary Career Coaches

Postsecondary Career Coaches continue to support Scholars for six months following career entry.

Avenue Scholars Alumni

Once a Scholar enters the workforce for six months, they are invited to stay connected to Avenue Scholars as a program alum while they realize the benefits of completing the Avenue Scholars program including:

  • Secure full-time employment
  • Earn a living wage
  • Access to health insurance and retirement benefits through their employer
  • Work in a field aligned with Avenue Scholars supported industries 
  • Identify opportunities for upward mobility

Avenue Scholars alumni are encouraged to participate in events and activities to support students in the program.

1,762 unique employers of Avenue Scholars since 2014

“Even Coaches that weren’t mine would come support me when I worked in the [Sage Student] Bistro at Metro. They would come eat when they knew I was in class. They were like, ‘I just wanted to come see what you’re doing and how you’re doing.’ Sometimes you just want someone to tell you, ‘Good job.’ You just want some type of acknowledgment. You might feel it’s small in the scheme of things, but just having that feels good.”
Ajana Jones, Alumni